Complete review of  loss mitigation procedures. Professional review and wide array of services offered to optimize regulatory compliance.

Our Compliance Program enable operations to function pursuant to federal and state guidelines, and our independent services assure a high level of due diligence reliability.

Comprehensive Program

Baseline Review

Full review of current compliance program, organizational structure, regulatory risk, and enforcement strategies.

Use of Legal Counsel and Referral Attorneys

A thorough, documented due diligence review, includes continual oversight of in-state and out-of-state loan modification attorneys and referral of new attorneys.

Policies and Procedures

Infrastructure, regulatory tolerances, legal process, procedures, and federal and state guidelines are designed and updated.


Webinar and/or on-site sessions devoted to federal and state regulatory compliance guidelines, assuring the highest standards and process integrity.

Quality Control

Random sampling, quality control review of loan modification files for each state in which loan modifications are arranged, including review of state disclosures, forms, and legal procedures.

Periodic Reviews

Compliance reviews, annually, quarterly, or monthly to assure that the business is conducted in accordance with policy, procedures, and current state and federal regulations.