We created and pioneered the well-respected Core Compliance Matrix® and the CORE Compliance Rating®.

The CORE© Compliance Matrix is a unique analysis that provides a comprehensive assessment of an institution’s compliance with federal and state regulations and also offer quantitative ratings of regulatory risk.

A CORE® review consists of an in depth examination of a financial institution’s

(C) Compliance Program,

(O) Organizational Structure,

(R) Regulatory Risk, and

(E) Enforcement Strategies.

This makes possible a proactive analysis of its regulatory, legal, and operational conditions and indicates the required corrective actions.

The CORE® review is conducted by our professional Compliance Manager in coordination with the institution’s compliance personnel and management.

The CCM generates an actual risk rating, a quantitative result that is called the Core Compliance Rating® (CCR). The CCR reflects the risk management performance of certain aspects of the loan origination platform. At the completion of a CORE® review, each element affecting regulatory compliance is rated and given a CORE® rating.