We provide an array of analyses, which may be organized by market and product, providing insight into various aspects of loan performance and loan origination procedures.

Mortgage analytics experts use several types of data resources to create customized reports. The following are some examples of our analytics reviews.

Loan Level Analytics
Analysis of Liens
Automated Property Valuation
Borrower Credit Profile
Borrower Misrepresentation
Collaborative Analytics
Correspondent Variables
Creditor Variables
Investor Property Verification
Lender-based Loan Fees
Loan Officer Licensing
Loan Officer Registration
Loan Originator Variables
Locked-loan Volume
Losses and Loss Trends
Manufactured Housing Identification
Property Flips
Property Tax Delinquency
Statistical Sampling
Value Decline

Our analytics offer mortgage originators, servicers, and investors the ability to understand their loan production needs and compliance boundaries.

Loan Level Analytics may be coupled with various quality assurance auditing protocols in order to obtain comprehensive due diligence reviews.