Advertising & Marketing: Federal and State Guidelines 

Affiliated Business Arrangements: Reviews, Agreements, Audits

Annual and Quarterly Reports: Reviews, Process, Maintain

Anti-Predatory Lending: Audits, Policies, Procedures

Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering Reviews

Business Continuity Policy and Procedures 

Branch Activations and Terminations: Procedures

Business Models: Policies, Procedures, Agreements

Closing and Funding: Procedures

Co-Brokerage Affiliations: Procedures, Agreements

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 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA): Audits, Policies, Procedures

 Customer Information Program (CIP)

 Delinquencies, Repurchases and Foreclosures: Audits, Legal Remedies, Default Reviews

 Disclosures (Federal and State)

 Due Diligence and Quality Assurance Reviews

 Early Payment Defaults: Audits, Legal Remedies

 Expert Witness Engagements

 FDCPA – Reviews and Procedures

 Federal Agency Audits and State Banking Examinations

 High Cost Loans and Subprime: Audits, Policies, Procedures

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 HMDA: Audits, Policies, Procedures

 HUD/FHA and VA Guidelines

 Identity Theft Prevention Program

 Lender / Broker Relationships: Policies, Procedures, Agreements

 Lender Service Agreements: RESPA Compliance

 Licensing: Mortgage Bankers and Mortgage Brokers (Nationwide)

 Loan Level Analytics: All Regulations and Disclosures

Loan Level Compliance Reviews


 Loss Mitigation and Loan Modification Procedures

 Market Service Agreements: RESPA Compliance

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 Mortgage Fraud: Audits, Legal Remedies

 Mortgage Quality Control Audits

 Non-Traditional Mortgages: Policies, Procedures, Audits

 Originating, Operations, Processing, and Underwriting: Procedures

 Pipeline Management: Procedures

 Privacy and GLBA Guidelines

Policies and Procedures

Consumer Complaints
Consumer Information Disposal
Customer Information Program
Delinquency Collections
FCRA/FACTA Prescreening
Fair Lending
Identity Theft Prevention
Internet Security
Non-Traditional Mortgages
Record Retention
Right of Rescission
Telemarketing Rules
Unlicensed Loans

 Quality Assurance Reviews

 RESPA-Compatible Affiliation Agreements

 SARBOX: Part 404 Support

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 Secondary Market: Policies and Procedures

 Section 32 Loans: Audits, Policies, Procedures

 Servicing and Interim Servicing: Procedures

 Shipping and Delivery: Procedures

 State Banking Department Audits and Examinations

 State Banking License Applications and Renewals

 State Loan Officer License Applications and Renewals

 Training: Regulations, Guidelines, Loan Originator Courses

 Website: Regulatory Compliance Reviews

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