Cost-effective regulatory compliance support to residential mortgage lenders and originators, providing safe, sound, and comprehensive compliance administration service!

Our professionals have an average of 25 years in the residential mortgage origination industry, consisting of compliance executives, compliance counsel, and former regulators who have created and implemented successful compliance programs. We are actively engaged in monitoring ever-changing laws and regulations that affect the industry.

Your Own Compliance Department
Low Monthly Flat Fee
Subject Matter Experts
Dedicated Team
Complete or Partial Outsourcing

• Review existing compliance administration procedures and provide guidance to ensure conformance with federal and state residential mortgage loan origination laws, with respect to residential mortgage loan originations.

• Review consumer disclosures and forms to ensure compliance with federal, state, and portfolio guidelines.

• Draft new policies and procedures, where needed, for mortgage acts and practices, in order to ensure compliance with federal and state banking and consumer lending law.

• Review existing mortgage origination policies and procedures, and, if needed, revise or replace them, to ensure compliance with applicable banking law and mortgage banking requirements.

• Written and verbal (i.e., emails, telephone calls, secure FTP) communication between LCG and the Company on compliance administration matters, including, but not be limited to, explanations of documents provided, clarifications of interpretations, and responses by LCG to Company questions or proposals.

• Compliance Conference, telephonic format, held monthly, to review Company’s compliance needs and benchmark engagement flow. From time to time, these conferences may include compliance topics on mortgage acts and practices, in PPTs or roundtable discussions, with question and answer opportunities.