Lenders Compliance Group is an information, analytics, and mortgage risk management company specializing in providing mortgage compliance to the financial services industry. We provide a partial or complete outsourcing of independent risk management with respect to mortgage-related loans and other debt instruments.

Mission Statement

The company provides low cost regulatory compliance advice to the residential mortgage industry by offering the professional knowledge and experience of subject matter experts in all areas of mortgage compliance.

Vision Statement

Many financial institutions involved in originating residential mortgage products are often unable to pay the cost of hiring a Chief Compliance Officer and fully staffing a Compliance Department. For a fraction of the cost, a financial institution retains LCG as an outsourcing solution for guidance in any or all regulatory areas associated with residential mortgage loans. LCG’s compliance and support services are available on a project or recurring basis.

We offer our clients real-world, practice solutions to business process issues, with an emphasis focused on operational assessment and improvement, milestones, benchmarking, regulatory compliance, and risk management.