Our suite of prefunding risk evaluation complies with all requirements of the Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative (LQI).

Fannie Mae requires that a lender's Quality Control (QC) plan include a prefunding QC review process. Those reviews are expected to provide information that should prevent closing mortgage loans with significant defects such as misrepresentation, inaccurate data, or inadequate documentation.
  • Same Day Response coordinated with lender’s process flow
  • Findings Report, per loan file, with full set of analyses
  • Secure Digital Upload/Download or Direct Link to LOS

Includes Policy: Fannie Mae Prefunding - Loan Quality Initiative

Verification, Validation, and Audit Investigation

Automated Underwriting System (AUS) Review

Borrower Identity Verification

Verification of Employment

Validation of Social Security or Tax Identification Numbers

DU "Potential Red Flag" Messages

Validation of Qualified Parties to the Transaction

Qualifying Ratios

Borrower Credit - Undisclosed Liabilities

Appraisal Validation

Property Unit Number Validation

Calculation of the LTV Ratio

Manual Underwriting of DU Refer with Caution/IV

Our Fannie Mae LQI prefunding review is a hands-on process that validates the accuracy of the loan information and includes tests the loan data to ensure the information obtained is correct.